New septic installation’s

Southern Ohio Septic Services, Inc. not only are we equipped to pump septic tanks, but we are also Certified Installers. Whether it is new construction, replacement of an existing system, or repairs, we can get it done. All of our work is 100% guaranteed.

  • We replace the septic tanks.
  • We add new leach fields.

When you purchasing a new piece of property one of the first thing you should need to contact your local health department or southern Ohio septic service contractor to determine is your site suitable for a septic system or not?

Southern Ohio septic service will inspect the septic systems before you purchase your home for you or your bank.

  • We sell 1000 gallon two compartment tanks.
  • 1500 gallon two compartment tanks.
  • Aeration systems .
  • 500 gallon pump tank.
  • Thousand gallon pump tanks.